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Hello all and welcome to The Electricians Hangout. It is my goal to have this website serve as a training base for anyone involved in the electrical field and also for those looking to enter the electrical trade. The electrical field is a very wide and diverse trade that has a multitude of areas that one could specialize in. I will try to include all of the basic building blocks that are required from an educational standpoint to have a solid understanding of basic electrical theory.motor and pump

This website will provide you with a wealth of knowledge about the electrical trade from a theoretical standpoint, however hands on training under the supervision of a journeyman or master electrician is one of the most important steps in becoming an electrician. If you have no prior training or knowledge about the trade, or you are a seasoned veteran in need of a refresher you have come to the right place. For beginners It is suggested that you start from the section basic electrical theory located under electrical training. There are five main sections.

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Each section will be composed of many lessons that are designed to give you a solid foundation in electrical theory. There will be a short exam after each section to test how well you understand the material that you have just learned. Once you have studied all of the sections under electrical training you may once again test your level of understanding by taking the final exam. This course was designed to give a detailed overview of all areas in basic electrical theory. If you complete and have a firm understanding of all the information contained in the course you will be on your way to learning a trade that is gratifying and fulfilling on many levels. fanuc robot


Under the exam prep section you will find the simulated journeyman and master electrician exams. I will not leave out the homeowner that needs some advice on how to complete that electrical home project. If you look into the section electrical how to’s you find several videos designed to give step by step instructions on how to perform small electrical tasks around the house. In the code section I will include posts that are themed around the national electrical code. Last but not least is the post section where I will write about different topics related to various parts of the electrical field. So jump right in and don’t forget to leave a comment, good or bad I would love to hear your thoughts on how to make the site better!






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