Home Automation Security System: Providing Maximum Comfort and Security

Imagine that you are on your way to work in the middle of the freeway and on that same day, you will make an important presentation to a very large potential client. Suddenly, you remembered that you didn't turn on your home security system. Because of this, you will constantly think about what might happen in your home. You have to face the fact that you will never forget about this simple … [Read more...]

Can I be killed by 110 volts

The one thing that I here a lot of folks telling each other in my daily travels is that you don't have to be afraid when performing work in your house ITS ONLY 110 VOLTS! This information is not only false but down right reckless and dangerous. The truth is over 90% of the deaths that result from electrocution happen in residential homes and you guessed it, the voltage involved was none other than … [Read more...]


Dimming CFLs and LEDs                         Dimming saves energy while setting the right light level to improve mood and ambiance. Screw-in compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and screw-in light emitting diode bulbs (LEDs) are a great energy-saving alternative to incandescent or halogen light sources; however, dimming them may be difficult. Challenges of Dimming CFLs and LEDs with Standard … [Read more...]

Solar Power – Tomorrow’s Energy Is Here Today

   Everyone is aware that planet Earth is facing all sorts of problems. Global warming, energy sources that are becoming more expensive to run and a financial economy that’s far from stable. However, you can make a difference If you choose to do so.  You can choose a better way that will save you money in the long-term and will help to reduce your carbon footprints at the same time. … [Read more...]


When it comes to choosing the type of wiring method for your project it all comes down to cost and compliance. Some wiring methods will cost you less in materials while still complying with all electrical codes, while some others will cost a bit more.   Lets look at AC or armored cable (BX) vs. NM or non metallic sheaved cable (romex). If you were to compare the price of a 250' roll of … [Read more...]


The Department of Energy has raised the minimum efficiency requirements for many category's of lighting. In January of 2012 , the incandescent lighting phase out began with 100-watt lamps. After July 14, 2012, new energy-efficiency lighting legislation will restrict the manufacture of: Linear and U- shaped flourescent lamps PAR lamps The Department of Energy now mandates that new lamps … [Read more...]

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Green Energy Sources

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Green Energy Sources? Today, we are now aware of the effects of global warming. Fortunately, it’s not too late and we can still change which is why many are pushing for green energy sources. The advantage of using green energy sources is that it is clean so it does not emit anything harmful into the air which has an impact on the environment. … [Read more...]


      A working knowledge of the NEC is a necessity for everyone involved in the electrical trade. The NEC provides the standards by which all electrical installations big and small are judged. Although other requirements, such as local jurisdictions and manufacture instructions must also be followed, The NEC is the foundation on which all electrical installations are … [Read more...]


  So the question is, “what is a GFCI outlet”. The GFCI stands for “GROUND FAULT CIRCUIT INTERUPTER” and it is an outlet that is designed to protect people from the dangers of shock and electrocution. In the world that we live in we face many situations on a daily basis that could potentially be very dangerous or even life threatening. Let’s face it, every time we get behind the wheel of a … [Read more...]

Basic Grounding

    Out of all the topics that I can post about, grounding is by far one of the most important. The NEC (National Electrical Code) article 250 gives us the guidelines for grounding and bonding electrical equipment and systems. I will not go into any technical details about grounding. however I will give a layman's description of what the grounding conductor does and why it is so … [Read more...]

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