what type wire shuld I use?When it comes to choosing the type of wiring method for your project it all comes down to cost and compliance. Some wiring methods will cost you less in materials while still complying with all electrical codes, while some others will cost a bit more.


Lets look at AC or armored cable (BX) vs. NM or non metallic sheaved cable (romex). If you were to compare the price of a 250′ roll of BX and Romex you would find the cost of BX to be slightly higher. When using BX as your wiring method  you also lose the ability to use plastic boxes and are forced to use metal boxes. This creates several new steps to the installation process that translates into a longer installation time and more material cost.


When choosing the type of wire to use, the first step is to evaluate the job and decide if your chosen methods meet all code requirements. In the case of residential wiring most of the time romex will be adequate for the job. However for that situation when running romex will only cause you problems it is good to have an alternate plan. A good plan always start with knowing what is acceptable by code and your local jurisdiction before you start your work.


It is much to difficult to explain the ins and outs of every situation that you run into because there are simply to many. I will say to you that I will help anyone who is faced with the dreaded question  WHAT DO I DO NEXT.  All you have to do is leave a comment in the comment section and together we will get your project on the right path. I do look forward to hearing from you guys so until the next time cheers.

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